Sample data for MaterialUniverse

MaterialUniverse is an essential resource for materials scientists and engineers. It contains around 4,000 material datasheets covering all of the main classes of commercially available engineering materials, including: metals, polymers, composites, natural materials, ceramics and glasses. More...


Key features:

  • Complete set of key properties – there are no 'holes' in the data
  • Comparable datasheets across all material classes
  • A comprehensive set of physical, engineering, electrical, and thermal properties
  • Material price and eco data supports economic and environmental analyses
  • Data on medical and on food contact grades supports human health applications
  • A carefully-constructed record hierarchy aids navigation
  • Materials are linked, where appropriate, to datasheets for individual grades / designations in our specialist data modules - screen for material type, then find a specific grade and supplier
  • Compiled using rigorous data quality checking procedures

Typical uses

  • Finding comparable data on all classes of commercially available engineering materials
  • Pre-screening of materials in the early stages of design
  • Applying the systematic selection process, pioneered by Professor Mike Ashby, to identify the optimal materials for your application
  • Investigate cost vs. performance trade-offs
  • Material substitution and replacement
  • Cross-class material comparison
  • Identify the benefits and limitations of materials and investigate how they vary with application and load condition
  • Investigate environmental performance and regulatory risk in the early stages of design